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Why We Love India’s Digital Media Growth (And You Should, Too!)

If you are a business owner or CMO of a company digital media’s growth in India just means adding one more column in your revenue stream “Digital revenue”.You must have a heard about our Prime minister ambitious project “Digital India”.Digital India programme envisages connecting 2.5 lakh villages by broadband and phones, reduce import of telecom imports to zero, wi-fi in 2.5 lakh schools, all universities, public wi-fi hotspots for citizens.lets assume all this we are hearing from a long time and this project will take time to be executed well.Do you have any Idea of what india’s current digital media statistics looks like? India has 205 million Internet users which makes itself 3rd largest online population in the world .The recent digital marketing statistics suggest there was about 25% growth in last 12 months. It is expected India’s web audience will be 350 million by 2015.


Indias online population is expected to reach 350 million in 2015

We have just about 137 million urban population and 68 million rural online population with 58 % year on year growth. In 5 years time Indian rural market will be 2 times bigger than the Indian urban market.


The rural market will grow 2 times the urban market

I can just say such programme being introduced in India we are just setting our path to out cross these number.

Opportunities in Digital India:


Opportunities in Mobile Website:

Mobile web site with 950 million mobile users lndia has largest growing mobile subscribers base in world.110 million mobile Internet users out of which 48% of users are of the age group 18-24. 95% of smart phone users search for local information via phones.


So next time you plan to make a website make sure it is mobile friendly because If the user does not find information portrayed properly according to his device you might loose out on cutomers.

Opportunities In Website Development:

Still wondering whether your business needs a website or feel my business runs best on brick and motar model. Just have a look at these stats. 40 million people check sites for reviews. 57 million looks out for brand related information.


Opportunities In Social Media Marketing:

On an an average most indian spends 3 hours a day on social media.86%of Indian Internet users visit social media sites.


Opportunities In Video Marketing :

An average Indian spend 70 % of their online time is spent on watching videos that means if you create it they will watch

I believe India is a land of opportunities.There is so much opportunities that every business should take advantage. I mean there is business in digital India!

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