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How to choose right candidate for 2014 Indian election


Make a change through the power of technology. Do you think your neta is corrupt or if you feel I won’t vote this time? Or what difference does it make if I vote. This article is not for you guys. This article is for those who want to participate in building this nation, for the people who still have hope, who is firm on decision I will make my vote count for Indian general election 2014.

We live in such a power of technology where we don’t need to make decision on just because someone’s vague talks. Your precious decisions can be made on the behalf of the facts and figures of your respective representative of your constituency.

Know your current election candidate here :-

The site shows the information about the current election candidate from your constituency.

1.Don’t know who is your next neta?

In case if you have not bothered to check who is competing against whom in your constituency in 2014 election. Just make search for your constituency here you will get the details of the potential candidates from their respective parties contesting.

2. How good is my neta?

If you feel your neta has looted you or if he has criminal charges running against him or if you want to know whether educational qualified. You should check gives CRIMINAL, FINANCIAL and EDUCATIONAL information about candidates in Indian elections.

3. What has your neta done for you till now?

Check this site will provide key statistics on parameters like ownership of assets, literacy, condition of dwelling, cooking fuel, latrine, population, source of lighting, source of drinking water and work force. The site is able to generate key statistics at tehsil, district and state level.

4. Do you want to vote in future?

If you are not a voter you like to know the latest updates on election or if you plan to vote in future you get yourself registered here -election commission official website

Please Vote We Need A Better India